Finest Studio Photo Booth Rentals in St Louis, MO

Are you looking for the best St Louis photo booth rental company? Well, look no further! Finest Studios Photo Booths offers the most competitive prices with unparallelled features and services. You can discover why Finest Studios is the best photo booth rental company in St Louis, MO by reading on...

Superior Appearance

Many of the photo booth companies in St Louis aren't really renting photo booths, they are renting you a tent or big curtain with a camera. Finest Studios holds to a much higher standard and will only bring the best to your wedding reception, prom, party, family reunion, or special event. Finest Studios' amazing photo booths resembles the old fashion photo booths from the past, but with many modern day advancements.

Cutting Edge Technology

Very few, if any St Louis photo booth rental companies offers something similar to Finest Studios green screen technology. If you have seen movies like “The Lord of the Rings” or “Avatar” then you have seen examples of how actors can appear to be in a different world by merely standing in front of a green screen background. Finest Studios employes this same technology so that when you enter its photo booth, you will no longer look like you are in St. Louis MO, but on the Moon or in the Wild Wild West. Finest Studios can even create special backgrounds for you that are tailored to your event. Though getting any picture taken in a photo booth is fun, there is nothing like getting your picture taken on the moon!

Lighting System

Finest Studios photo booths are equipped with a proprietary soft box lighting system that was made by a professional photographer. This lighting system is not like our competitors bursting flash lighting method which produces hard ugly shadows and washed out faces. Instead, Finest Studios lighting system illuminates peoples faces with a soft light that gently rolls off each person's face and creates the perfectly lighting for their photo booth portrait session. If you are looking for the best lighting system for your photo booth in St Louis, Finest Studios Photo Booths should be at the top of your list!

Touch Screen / User Interface

Photo Booths in St Louis have a variety of user interfaces, but most of them don't amount to much more than a push button. Since Finest Studios is always strives to wow its customers, its photos booths' user interface was created by a professional graphic designer and is powered by a large touch screen display. The moment you step into a Finest Studios photo booth you will see the difference in terms of elegance and design.

Premium Print Quality

Finest Studios Photo Booth prints meet the highest standards in durability and artistically designed layouts. Each photo is printed using dye-sublimation technology which yields smudge-less; water resistant prints that the manufacture boasts will last up to 100 years without degrading in quality. In addition, a professional graphic designer has customized each print layout with impressive backgrounds and overlays. As a result, each print that comes from a Finest Studios photo booth is a masterpiece and work of art. This work of art can even be customized by a professional with a special logo or text so that the booths will maintain the theme of your event. Since most photo booth companies in St Louis only take your pictures, print them on white paper, and slap some text under the images, Finest Studios stands head and shoulder above the rest in terms of design and professional customization of your photo booth prints.

Friendly Personal Attendant

Finest Studios keeps an attendant at the photo booth at all times to help your guest find the right props, make sure the booth keeps running smoothly, and answer any questions. Each attendant will arrive early enough to ensure that your photo booth rental is set up before the event starts and will take the booth down once your rental time is up. Finest Studios photo booth attendants are friendly ensure that your rental will be hassle free and tons fun for all your guest.

Not too Small and Not too BIG!

When Finest Studios created its photo booth deep consideration was made about how big to design the booth. Many photo booth in the St Louis area can only fit one person or at most one and half people. This is simply too small for people to truly enjoy the booth with others. On the flip side, different photo booth companies have swung to the opposite extreme by making their booth so large that it doesn't fit into most reception areas nicely. These huge booths often don't even contain all the components of the booth and require multiple tables to be set up around the booth to accommodate the booth's printer, computer system, and other stuff. Looking to find the perfect balance, Finest Studios made a sleek self contained design that can easily fit an individual, couple, or even a small family. This prefect size allows your guest to enjoy the booth with each other and can subtly enhance any wedding reception, party, prom, special event, or family reunion without drawing away the focus from the main attraction.

Price that Fits Your Budget

Finding a photo booth rental package that fits into your budget can be difficult at times, but with Finest Studios variety of packages and services you can find what you are looking for at just the right price. Some things our packages include are digital disks of all the photos, props, and customized print layouts. You can even get one of our deluxe packages that gets you an album of all your guess photos, doubles of all your prints, and an online gallery of each photo session. With packages starting at $699, you can go wrong with Finest Studios Photo Booths.

If you are looking for a photo booth to rent in St Louis and Beyond for your wedding, prom, party, family reunion, or special event Finest Studios provide you with the best photo booths in terms of quality, professionalism, and price.